“There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favourite book.”

– Marcel Proust.



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About Me

Hi! I’m a writer, hoping to be published someday and I love to read. This is where I’ll post book, film and play reviews, with some short stories and personal reflections thrown in. 

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and have tried to gain as much experience as I can. It has always been a means of escape and solitude, a break in the chaos, a ray of light in a wave of darkness that seems never ending. The written word is a powerful tool and when used can have a profound impact on the person reading. If, in some way, I can help another person, even if only for a little while, then I’ll consider my job done. 

A list of my work experience placements and examples of my writing can be found on this blog below!

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Work Experience

Hello all, 

Let’s try this post again, shall we? Over the years, I tried to gain as much as experience as I could and as this is a blog I hope to keep using, to write on and express myself, I thought I would write some job roles I’ve taken on. 

I’ve been writing online for years and I decided to branch out from online writing, starting to work for my university’s paper, Smoke Magazine. Below, is a list of the places I’ve had placements in. I really want to be published some day, but if this can help someone, push them in a direction they were afraid of before, to achieve what they want, then that’s all that matters!

  • 2009:

Library Assistant 

I completed a two-week placement as an assistant librarian, shelving books, reorganising CDs, DVDs, and assisting customers at the welcome desk and reception. I also joined new customers, discharged and issued books. I was able to work in different parts of the library including the reference library and in the museum.

  • 2012 – 2015:

Teen Ink

I wrote for this online magazine for three years, mainly writing book reviews for the Arts & Culture section. I would also write short stories and even wrote a few political pieces for the Current News section. I was given a V.I.P members badge, the Editor’s badge and Editor’s Choice Award for contributing.

  • 2013 – 2016:

Smoke Magazine

I wrote for my university’s magazine, mainly in the Arts and Culture sections – i.e. film, play or art exhibition reviews. For Student Life, I completed two work experience reports – one on my local newspaper and the other on The Independent. I also contributed to the English society’s paper and acted as co-editor. I have also written for the society’s blog.

  • Summer of 2014:

Town’s Newspaper

I did a week’s work experience at my local newspaper, where I gained an inside look on what it was like to be a journalist. I did get to write a few pieces, mainly for historical purposes and for charities.

  • Summer of 2015:

The Independent

I completed a two-week work experience placement at The Independent. I worked on the News Desk and in the Arts department, especially books and music. I was able to sit in on meetings and write up press releases for those who needed them.

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