Before We Go [A Film Review].

A/N: Just so you know, this expression right here, is going to be the death of me. It’s also the look he gives Bucky in the Civil War trailer, just saying. 


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Like many people, I first discovered Chris Evans through his previous acting jobs. Not only is he a talented actor, but he is also a lovely, caring and down to earth person. Perfect, am I right? And just when you think he couldn’t possibly be more gifted, he started directing and created a beautiful film called ‘Before We Go’, where he not only plays a wonderful, funny and kind man, but one who believes in love and plays the trumpet.

This film tells the tale of two people, who happen to meet at a train station and who inevitably end up going on a journey that lasts the whole night and by the end of it; they have found something special, something so pure and sweet, that it seems almost too perfect to be true. Chris plays a character named Nick, who is trying to make a living out of music and who is still heartbroken over a relationship he had years ago. Alice Eve plays a character called Brooke, who is stuck in a failing marriage, while her seemingly loving husband is having an affair.

I don’t usually watch Romantic-Comedies and if I do, it’s most probably because there are some familiar faces in there, however, this time, despite knowing that Chris was in it, and directed it (which is great!), I loved it for some other reasons as well. It was beautiful and heartbreaking, bittersweet with a hopeful ending. After a long and hard week, one full of indifference and deadlines, I needed this film. And I was not disappointed. It was such a gentle and subtle film, one that had me on the edge of my seat and laughing at two o’clock in the morning. I loved how effortless it seemed, how delicately smart and easy it was. It made me want to believe in love – even if it’s a fleeting moment of adoration or a soul binding link that tethers two people together, I wanted it.

As the night steadily grows, Nick helps Brooke find her purse (which fails) and you realise that she is trying to rush home to save her marriage. Nick bumps into his ex girlfriend, who is pregnant and left him heartbroken. He helps Brooke the whole night, trying to find her a way to get home, even though he doesn’t need to. But he wants to and he doesn’t seem to mind. They end up playing music and singing together, acting like a couple and going to see a fortune teller, one who tells them they have choices – ones that they need to make and the answers appear to be right in front of them.

After, when Brooke realises that though she loves her husband, she and Nick (of course), know that her husband’s actions are wrong. They spend the rest of the night in a hotel room, writing messages on the backs of pictures and getting to know each other. It’s sweet and heartwarming, it’s also quite sad. They kiss, but I knew that it wouldn’t go further than that (which of course, I’m happy about), she needed to go home and sort things out and he just had to hold onto hope. At the end of the night, when talking to their future selves at a pay phone, Nick says that Brooke helped him see that it is possible to fall in love more than once in this life.

A truly touching ending to a beautiful film, has Brooke returning home, but smiling at a note that Nick left her, leaving us to wonder and hope that the two would someday find each other again. And I can only hope that we all experience moments like this, for they are profound, and touching in ways our present selves may not understand, but our future selves, will, one day.  

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