Carry On [A Book Review].


How many times can I say I love Rainbow’s books?

Seriously, her stories, her characters, her worlds and plotlines always touch and move me in ways that make me smile and cry at the same time. I will go down saying that I love her books, I cannot say that enough.

Carry On had everything – magic, strange beasts, wonderful adventures, vampires and witches, wizards and mages, blood and family, love and romance, friends and bonds. It was full of my favourite tropes and hints at other books, for example, of course, the wonderfully magical world of Harry Potter (bless J. K. Rowling’s heart). From the first page I was gripped, already I felt like I was on an adventure, off to some magical realm that not only had magic, but vampires and a whacky Mage too.

The story itself was very well crafted.

Different influences from so many other novels and books, the mystery surrounding Simon’s magic, the Mage, who this Humdrum is, what Lucy’s tale is and how Baz’s family fits into this whole story. Not only does the romance grip you, but the magic and mystery surrounding Simon – will he or will he not, get to grips with his magic? What about the Mage – is he good or bad? Is the Humdrum Simon? And if so, is the Humdrum really bad?

Simon Snow is literally, the sweetest, most fumbling, bashful wizard out there, he’s so unsure of himself and yet wants to somehow make sure that changes. He just wants to help other people, do whatever it is he has to save the magical realm. He has a friend Penelope who is lovely and basically knocks sense into Simon, when he’s being reckless, which let’s face it, is a lot of the time. Simon was hilarious, especially how much he spent worrying over Baz and saying it was because he was worried about him coming back to kill him and then when Baz is back, they end up kissing.

And then you have Baz, who is a vampire and magician.

He has immense power and also is in love with Simon Snow. I love the progress of the book and their friendship, they go from being mortal enemies, trying to end each other (but not really, because neither of them really wanted to kill the other), to working together and Simon finally seeing the good in Baz. I think Baz is the loveliest and strangely most kind hearted (in a way, I mean c’mon), vampire I’ve ever read about. He cares deeply for Simon and though he doesn’t let that show, later on he does. Also, in most books, it’s always about the straight male and the girl, in here, two eighteen year old boys are open with their sexuality (Simon coming to terms with it), and they get to a place where they can be intimate with each other. And not just to kiss or whatever, but because they actually care and love each other, which makes my heart swell.

Then there’s Agatha and Penelope.

Penelope I love.

Agatha was annoying. I didn’t like her. She was just there. I didn’t like how she played into Simon’s fears, was then mean to Baz and then ran away. I mean, I’m not complaining, it pushed Simon and Baz together!

I would definitely recommend this book.

I loved everything about it and would reread it over and over again. And now, I really want a sequel. But alas, I don’t know if that will happen, so I’m going to be writing and reading a bunch of awesome, heart-warming fanfiction.

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