Why is it, that once this word is uttered, someone will sigh, roll their eyes, laugh, sneer and proclaim that it is all about “man-hating”? 

When did Feminism become a bad word?

Do those who claim that being a Feminist is the equivalent to going around saying “all men are pigs”, or “all men are the same”, or whatever it is Feminists are thought to say, know what the word even means?

Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes. 

Now tell me, how is that a terrible thing? How is that ‘man hating’? 

Feminism is the social, economical, cultural and political movement that aims to achieve equal rights for women. For women to be perceived as intelligent, thoughtful, independent beings, who are human and who are fully capable of living their lives freely, to choose how they want to live, to educate themselves, to work, to gain equal pay, to no longer live in fear, worrying about what society will think of them, what their friends, family, work colleagues will think of them. 

Now, if someone thinks that has anything to do with ‘man hating’ then I can tell you, you are truly mistaken. 

Not only does Feminism wish to free women from the restrictions of gender roles and stereotypes, it will also free men. If we no longer have gender stereotypes, then being masculine or being feminine will no longer be categories a man or a woman has to fit. They will be free, for all and therefore, removing the judgement they still currently carry. 

I do not think anyone should be afraid to call themselves a Feminist, because if something that was born to be a positive, empowering force for women and if now, in the 21st Century, it has been shunned as something negative, it is very clear that there is still a problem.

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