One Day.

Charlotte and Adam had begun a shy, hesitant relationship when they were about eighteen years old. Despite both of them being quite confident, but not arrogantly so, they complimented each other, because while Charlotte was a free spirit, Adam was more grounded, level headed. Charlotte lifted Adam off the ground when needed and he pulled her back down when the time arose.

Their relationship had started one day returning home from university. Charlotte had kissed Adam, despite the icy rain, despite the bitter winds, despite the watchful eyes; Charlotte had grabbed his coat, and smashed her lips into his. After that, they went out on dates, to the cinema, for meals, to the theatre, to art galleries, to parks, to fancy places with candlelit tables and soft music playing in the background. It was all very shy, small, sweet kisses, blushing cheeks and hesitant hand holding.

But Charlotte loved it. They were taking it slow, at their own pace, there was no pressure.

One day, they would move in together, one day their kisses would turn from gentle and sweet, to passionate and hungry. One day, they would admit their love for each other. One day, Adam’s grounded nature would slip away and he would allow himself to give in, to finally let go, to finally understand that this was real, this was forever.

One day they would exchange rings, one day, he would feel her skin beneath his fingertips, he would run his lips over her hipbones, she would feel the muscles of his chest pressed against her body, but for now, sweet kisses, long talks, warm hugs and the feeling of the sun on their skin, as they watched the sunset, was enough.

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