Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.

Lyra didn’t know where she was going. That didn’t matter, she didn’t care. She just needed to go.

She needed to escape.

The cool autumn breeze hits her face, as the soles of her combat boots hit the ground, crunching over fallen, golden leaves. The sky is a light blue, vast open plane, completely untouched by the birds that soar through it. She is surrounded by trees and flowers, wandering paths and waiting lanes.

She’s not in any rush. There is no destination, she is just going.

All she has with her is her backpack full of everything important she owned, and her phone in her pocket. Her back is turned to her old life, her comfy bed and tall bookshelf, her friends and family, her studies and job. That life belongs to someone else now, and she’s not going back. The woman she was before is stuck in the past, she is happy there. The woman she is now doesn’t want to be trapped.

She wants to escape, to explore.

To be free.

She can finally breathe, a light smile graces her lips and she laughs, loud and joyful.

She doesn’t know where she’s going. She doesn’t know who she’ll meet, friend or foe, journey or adventure. She doesn’t know who she’ll become or what she’ll do.

She just knows that she is wandering. And that’s okay.

After all, not all those who wander, are lost.


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