The Triplets.

A/N: Week 4 from the 52 short story week prompt. This week, a story about three siblings. Warning: Depression and suicide. 

It came as a shock really. Everyone had always seen the triplets as fun loving, spirited and friendly teenagers. No one expected them to commit suicide after their eighteenth birthday.

That’s the thing though – you don’t know what is happening inside a person’s head. They may have seemed to be happy – doing well at school, had a good family dynamic, a healthy balance between studies and friendship, one of them even had a boyfriend, but that doesn’t guarantee the stability of the mind, does it?

Ariel, the twin who had emerald eyes, freckles and red hair liked to play basket ball, she was training to go into the air force, and liked rock music.

Harry, the twin who had dark hair and hazel eyes, liked to play video games, read books and write stories. He wanted to be an author.

Courtney, the twin who had unruly brown hair and hazel-green eyes, liked to draw and write music, she was in a band and loved to play at festivals.

They all seemed to be going somewhere – Ariel was set on serving her country, Harry was applying for Creative Writing courses at universities and Courtney was about to meet with a record producer a few weeks after their birthday.

Harry’s boyfriend didn’t know what to think when he heard. He’d been at home, watching TV when he was called by his boyfriend’s parents. It was like the air had been sucked from his lungs and he couldn’t move, paralyzed, staring numbly at the corridor wall. He had been with Harry that afternoon; they’d planned to meet up over the weekend. Harry had kissed him like he was in love with life. Turns out, he was kissing him to say goodbye.

Their family and friends were distraught. It was like the sun had been taken from the sky. Like the stars had left the moon. Like the birds had disappeared, as if the trees stopped singing in the breeze. It was as if the world had stopped, as if the Earth stopped spinning on its axis.

That’s the thing though – life doesn’t stop. It doesn’t stop for anyone. As the triplets were buried, a woman was offered a new job, a soldier was killed in action, a teacher got a promotion, a child lost their parents, a teenager had their first kiss, a newly married couple welcomed a child…

Life can be good. It can be colourful and loud. It can be happy. But don’t assume it is that way for everyone. The only one sure thing about life is that it ends. And it does not stop for those who have not met their end.

Life is short. Life is rewarding. How about life is a lie?


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