A Thing Isn’t Beautiful, Because It Lasts.

It’s quite sad to think,

That at the end of all things, we will cease to exist,

That everything we have created will turn to dust,

But then again, nothing is meant to last.

One day, humans will no longer see those lush green, rolling hills,

We will not see the vast, open blue sky above us,

There will be no bird song, no soft breeze,

Because nothing is meant to last.

In the end, the Earth will be left broken, bloodied and ruined,

The only proof that humanity had ever lived here,

Will be the blood, bodies and bones scattered in the dust,

We were not meant to last.

Gone will be the beauty of our creations,

All that will be left is the havoc and ruin we caused,

The poor animals and nature left behind to rot in a barren wasteland,

War will destroy us, ‘coz we were never meant to last.

In the end, when the sky is black and the stars no longer shine,

When the Sun draws closer to the Earth,

We will be remembered,

‘Coz even though we didn’t last, our actions do.

The great noise of humanity,

Our buzz, laughter and bright smiles,

Tears of joy, wide eyes and gasps of amazement,

The sound of children playing and couples talking,

We will be remembered.

Not for the wars, for the corruption, for the greed,

Those awful truths will be buried in the dust,

Washed away by the sea,

Because those memories cannot last, not against the light of humanity.

The small things will be remembered,

The purity humanity once held,

The love and devotion to friends, family, God,

Small, fleeting moments of peace and calm, that’s what will ease the Earth,

As it is swallowed by the Sun.

For all the things we have done,

All the things we have destroyed and broken,

In the end, perhaps only the small beautiful things will remain,

It’s a shame really, that these precious moments were not held higher than other things.

We are doomed, yes,

But a thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.


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