Awkward Confessions.

“I love you.”

The words slipped out before he could stop them. For a second, he stood there, shocked and mortified. His heart was pounding and he felt hot all over, flushing and sweating nervously. Was it too soon to say that? Oh God, what if he fucked up? How would they move past this?

He didn’t know. He wasn’t good at this.

But those beautiful green eyes were just wide, staring at him with that adoring, loving gaze; he had become accustomed to over the past few months of dating. Those eyes that told him it was all right, that looked at him as if he was an angel, the same eyes that comforted him and spoke in secret whispers, holding more meaning than anything anyone else had said to him.


“N-nothing,” he stammered, stepping backwards, but realised that there was nowhere else to go.

He’d backed himself up against the kitchen wall, and now those green eyes were closer than before, nearer to his face, meaning he’d have to have cat like reflexes to get out of this one. And he didn’t, he was probably the clumsiest man known to humanity.

“Say it again.”

“I didn’t say anything,” he replied, running a hand through his dirty blond hair, keeping his hazel eyes fixed on those green ones, “seriously, just forget it Caleb.”

Caleb grunted, stepping closer to his boyfriend of six months, crowding him against the wall, “Tommy, say it.”

Tom sighed, blushing all the way to the tips of his ears, looking down at his hands, away from those green eyes and that firm jaw, those plump lips and unruly dark hair, away from that face, the one that made him smile like the sun.

“I said I love you.”

“Tommy, baby, look at me,” Caleb whispered softly, nudging his nose against the shorter male’s, “baby, look at me.”

Tom bit his bottom lip, afraid he’d said too much, but when he looked up, he was met with nothing but happiness.


Caleb smiled brightly, pressing a loving, deep kiss on his boyfriend’s lips, pulling him flush against his chest, nipping and sucking at his bottom lip, earning a whimper from Tom.

“I (kiss), love (kiss), you (kiss), too,” Caleb murmured softly, kissing Tom’s eyelids, his cheeks and forehead, all over his neck, as if worshipping the man in his arms.

Tom let out a soft broken whine, open eyes now staring at Caleb lovingly, “really?”

Caleb let out a protective, almost possessive growl and smashed his lips into his boyfriend’s. He spent the rest of the night proving just how much he loved Tom.


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