Loving Him Was Red.

He had the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen.

They were a deep, thick blue, like the ocean but also like the light sky, and they seemed to be able to look into her soul and heart.

She’d known him for most of her life. She knew when he was hiding something from her, when his smile was genuine, because when it was, his eyes lit up like the sunset. She knew what his favourite colour was, what type of music, books and films he liked. She knew what made him laugh, what made him cry, what made him hug her like he was never going to see her again.

She knew that though he had a witty and light personality, one that involved making people laugh, he was really a soft hearted person, who cared, perhaps too much, for the people in his life.

He liked it when it grew cold, and everyone had to wear coats, and watch films with blankets. He liked it when she smiled and said that she didn’t do that enough. He liked tea in the morning and coffee in the afternoon.

He liked the band Guns N’ Roses, but didn’t really like Aerosmith (even though she loved them). He liked the taste of dark chocolate and didn’t like strawberries. He preferred oranges over apples, and always, always, had sugar in his tea.

She knew him better than she knew herself. And then one day, he wasn’t there anymore.

It had never dawned on her how much he had affected her life, and it never occurred to her that she would ever be without him. After all, you never think the ones you love will one day disappear without a trace. But nothing lasts forever.

And now, she’d have to find the person she was, before him.

But I don’t think she ever did.

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