Beautiful Ruins.

A/N: Week 7 of 52 short stories for 52 weeks prompt.  

There’s something bewitching, captivating and beautiful about ancient ruins.

The tall columns and vast scenery littered with echoes of an old civilization is both nostalgic and haunting. It reminds her that life ends for some, but the world goes on and soon, we shall all be stories in the ground, to be discovered by some better version of humanity. Before her, she can see her friends as small as miniature figures in the centre of the theatre; she stands at the very top, where people would’ve sat and watched productions. She can hear her friends talking; the acoustics are absolutely amazing, and here, looking out on that vastness of new and old, she feels at home.

The hills and rocky slopes she has to climb on her following visits are just as spectacular but also, frightening, the ancient world and the new city of Athens seem juxtaposed against each other. On one end a temple in beautiful ruins stands before her and behind is modern city life. It’s strange, seeing the mix. There is something odd about that, almost as if the old is somehow coming back, but never fully reaching the state of wholeness.

Her journey to Greece was one that she’ll always remember. She learnt about friendship and loyalty with the friends she was with, and had some of the best memories created here, ones she’ll always remember, even if some of those friendships have died. Travelling over Greece all those moons ago, taught her that she is more in touch with the old, the natural and the unknown, than she had previously thought.

Maybe, we all are.

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