Where Are You? 

Your world is a wondrous but cruel, terrifying place.

Your gardens though bright and beautiful, are tarnished by the darkness that weeds it’s way in, festering on life like a parasite.Your oceans scream into the night, whispering with the winds, tearing down cities and whole civilisations.

Your creations, animals, humans, are beautiful yes, intelligent and capable, but can be evil, harsh, wicked. They seek to know all, but do not enjoy the journey of discovery. They wish to be helpful, but use their power for their own cunning purposes.

Some of them, take joy in the pain and misery of others. Some are full of vile hatred, while others shine like the sun, a light that glows, flickers like a flame in the dark.

They are flawed, perfectly imperfect. They have their horrid faults, but there is more good in this world, than bad, no matter how terrifying it may seem.

The innocent are growing tired, the goodness and light they hold, is dwindling, their positive energy and need to do good for others, will fade soon, once the darkness breaks their hearts.

They need your help.

They need to know they are not alone, because, sometimes it’s terribly lonely on this Earth. I know you can hear me. I know you’re there, so help us, please. 

Humanity is losing faith and growing tired of wondering, ‘where are you?’.

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