Make Me Feel Alive.

A/N: Week 12 of the 52 short story prompt. This week, a story featuring a contest. Warning: drunken kissing. All is consensual.

It was a contest.

It was meant to be a joke, something they could laugh off. She didn’t expect to get so competitive, but damn it, she wanted to win! Except he always won, that stupid Avan.

“You’re gonna lose again,” he smirked, looking at her over the rim of his beer cup.

You’re the lightweight here,” she snorted, rolling her eyes.

“I am not!” Avan protested, “you’re just tryna get out of this, as usual Lilly.”

Lilly shoved his shoulder but her hand trailed down to his and she tugged, with a cheeky smile dancing on her lips, “c’mon we’re gonna dance.”

Avan huffed and ungracefully stood up, “why do we have to dance?”

“Coz,” Lilly grinned, and pulled him close, so that their bodies were pressed together, “I want to. Don’t you?”

Avan groaned and smirked down at her, hands grasping her hips, “trust me, doll face I want to.”

And suddenly, neither of them were talking about dancing. Their bodies seem to fit like a jigsaw puzzle, her hands in his hair, his lips on her neck, as they danced around each other like they were meant to be together.

The night passed with him kissing her, his hands on her waist, in her hair, and her little gasps into his mouth. They stumbled up to their floor, the floor they’d been living in since their first year of university, but stopped just shy of her bedroom.

“No, wait,” he said, “we’re drunk.”

Lilly smirked up at him, “no shit doofus.”

Avan laughed drunkenly, “which means we both lost.”

“I’m pretty sure I’d take this as a win,” Lilly smiled, pulling Avan down to her level to kiss him. Avan smiled against her lips and backed her into the wall, pressing his hands either side of her head.

“You should go to sleep,” Avan said, looking down at the twenty one year old woman, who had been his best friend for years and nothing more, yet here they were drunk and kissing.

And it felt natural. It felt real. It felt special, like why the hell haven’t we been doing this the whole time?

“I should,” Lilly said, pulling back from him. He cupped her face and smiled gently, brushing his fingertips against her cheekbones.

“We’ll talk in the morning?” he asked, looking deep in her eyes almost apprehensive, despite his drunken state.

Lilly smiled, “you wanna know something?”


“I’m not drunk. I had two drinks and just had Coke for the rest of the evening,” she said whispered, “you were so drunk you didn’t realise.”

Avan stared at her and then smiled softly, kissing her forehead, “why’d you do that, and not say anything?”

Lilly blushed and looked down, “coz at least this way, you’d feel the same.”

Avan reeled back and spluttered, “what made you think I didn’t feel the same? Coz I do Lil. I do, drunk, sober, whatever, I love you.”

Lilly smiled with teary eyes and pushed herself off the wall, flying into his open arms, kissing him with everything she had. They kissed for what seemed like hours, every so often drawing back to whisper, “I love you”, between hushed lips. But it didn’t go further.

Lilly made sure he got to sleep and she stayed in his room, just rubbing his back every time he threw up and cleaning him up as gently and best she could. He fell asleep with his head on her lap, and her soft fingertips stroking his cheek.


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