She Was The Sun & He Was The Moon.

They could never be together, not exactly at the same time. He shone at night and she burned during the day. She was hot. He was cold. She was fire. He was water.

Her bright rays dazzled the earth and his ghostly light whispers of other worldly starlight only graced the ground during the night. He spoke in soft tones and whispers, soothing her light and energy, letting her rest awhile. She spoke in birdsong and the rustle of tree leaves, in the sound of children’s laughter and the whistle of a stranger in the wind.

Her smile brought joy to thousands and his soft kiss allowed tired souls to rest. His arms encircled humanity and sent them to sleep, while she woke them and gave them hope at the crack of dawn. They worked opposite each other, only ever meeting in the dead of night, when he took over and shone for her, dimly and faintly against a black sky.

His kisses were cold and hers were warm. But his arms were strong and steady, around her, as her magic overwhelmed him and brought him under like the waters he controlled.

They danced around each other, with fleeting touches that meant, “I love you”, when no one was looking. Her blue skies and his nightly stars watched each other from afar, never crossing paths like the pair did. He touched her like she was made of glass, gentle and soft, while she was passion and warmth, home and safety.

Her eyes said, “you’re safe with me.”

His said, “when your weary soul needs to rest, come find me.”

She drifted across the sky, while he soared with the stars, dazzling the heavens. Nature came alive underneath her and felt safe in his arms. Leaves on trees seemed to dance under her golden touch, singing in his nightly breeze. Their love was both cursed and special. Never to see each other during the day, it was only at night, for some time. It was enough. For them, it was enough because they’d have eternity after eternity like this.

After all, she was the sun and he was the moon.

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