She likes the golden sun.

The bright, golden rays of sunlight that pour through her window in the mornings, when the birds are soaring, tweeting against the barely awake sky and the trees are looking lush again. It is the time of rebirth and new beginnings, the cycle is starting again. It’s the dawn, the light before the heat, the break in the darkness and cold brought on by Winter.

This is the time of open mornings, chirping and crisp evenings, not too cold and not too warm. The time of gentle breezes, radiant skies and bright trees, blossoming flowers and scattered rainy days. Like a loud joyful laugh, the Winter is soothed, put to rest and bundled up, until the next time the stormy months are needed.

For now though, it is the Spring – the special time, the time between the end, and the middle, the time of Easter, and chocolate eggs, the time where Jesus’ story is looked upon once more. During the Winter, it was his birth and now, it is his resurrection, the coming back to life, being born again, the bright dawn and opening mornings, golden sunlight and vast skies.

Now, it is the time to look forward, not behind – to make the changes you’ve vowed to make for years. She likes the Spring months – they sooth her worries from the Winter and ease her excitement for the Summer. It’s comfortable. It’s home and warm, bright and crisp.

She likes the way the breeze feels in the morning, the smell of freshly cut grass and the end of hibernation, out come the creatures of the Spring and Summer months. The Earth is green again, breathing deeply, smiling under the sun. In these months, she feels free, she feels like she’s soaring, her smile is easier to pull and her laugh louder.

Others may prefer the Summer, it’s heat and warm embrace, but she prefers Spring’s gentle kiss.

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