He likes the burning, golden sun.

He likes the cool breeze against his skin, while the sun smiles down on him, golden rays of light glittering against car windows and rooftops. He likes the bright blue sky, emerald leaves on whispering trees; he likes the smell of cut grass and the sight of birds soaring in the sky. He likes the warmth, the heat, he likes the smiling faces he sees, the dresses and skirts, shorts and sandals, he likes the freedom of Summer.

It’s the time for ice cream and sunglasses, trips to beautiful parks and the loud beaches; it’s that time of year for concerts and festivals, for road trips and holidays. It’s the time to go scuba diving, to go trekking, to take trains to nowhere and to visit castles. This is Summer – the months full of wonderful discoveries. He likes these months the most – he feels like he could touch the sky, he has no limitations.

Summer’s warm embrace and sexy kisses, make him blush and dip his head, but the radiant blue sky pulls him out of his shell. Sometimes, he just likes relaxing in his garden, watching the sky, other times, he goes on adventures with his friends and sometimes, just into the city, to visit one of the many beautiful, lush parks. To him, Summer is the soft blanket you fall on, finally able to relax, finally able to breathe after a stressful year. It’s the end of the cycle, before it starts all over again.

He can breathe; he can laugh, smile and scream, without thinking something worse is coming along. He loves how it stays light, long after five in the late afternoon, the sunset is vibrant and explosive – purples, pinks, reds, oranges cover the sky, as the night creatures come out to play. The sunny mornings and hot afternoons are great for quiet days reading and listening to music. Some people, may not like the Summer because of the stuffiness and heat of it all, but he loves it.

In the Summer, he can be himself.

He can be happy.

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