Everything Was Grey, Until You.

A/N: An old short story. Posts have been slow lately, keeping things on a queue while I finish with uni. 

Every day is the same. 

He gets up and goes to work. He wakes up and groggily stumbles his way over to his bathroom. He brushes his teeth and showers. Then he changes and has his breakfast. It’s the same routine. It’s dull and it’s lifeless. There’s nothing special about his day or what he does. He’ll leave his house at exactly seven thirty and get on the train. The journey isn’t that long and it only takes about half an hour to get to work. He hates that this is his life. He wishes he’d just followed what he wanted to do and not have listened to his parents who told him to forget his childish dreams. At work he goes straight to his office. He works in admin at a law firm. It’s extremely draining and time consuming. He has no interest in it but he does it anyway to please his family. He stares at the pile of papers that are already on his desk. He sighs.

“Better get on with this then,” he mutters to himself and starts reading through the sheets and sheets of endless paper.

Sometimes he wonders why he let his dreams go. Perhaps the lack of inspiration and support or perhaps it’s because he just simply gave up. Obviously that’s not the reason he’d like to give, he’d rather pin it on someone else but deep down he knows that it’s no one’s fault but his. He shouldn’t have listened and instead stepped up and followed his dreams, no matter how delusional he seemed.

Work finishes at five that evening for him. He leaves as quickly as possible. All he wants to do is get home, shower and watch stupid reruns on TV that he knows isn’t exactly a great way to spend his evening but he can’t for the life of him, be bothered to do anything else. He reaches home at six. The first thing he does is chucks off his tie and blazer, kicking off his shoes and collapses on the coach.

“I swear if this is how my life is going to continue, I’ll jump off a cliff.”

His life does continue that way. It stays that way for months. One day, he’s fed up with going to work and just wanting to slam his head into his desk every five seconds. So he quits. It’s hard to find another job but finally after searching and searching he finds something that’s related to what he wanted to when he was younger. He becomes an art teacher. It allows him to keep painting and it allows him to inspire others. It also keeps him up to his eyeballs with ideas.

After working at the school for two years, he decides to push himself. He starts painting for himself. He paints people. He likes painting scenes. Scenes that evoke emotion, scenes that make you think and wonder. Scenes that mean something to people. Eventually, he shows some of the work to one of his colleagues. He recommends he submits his work into an exhibit in the city.  

It’s been two years since then and now he regularly submits art. The pay is good. Plus if it ever goes down, he still teaches art at the secondary school. One day, he goes out for a coffee, he’s desperate for some caffeine and the energy kick. It’s when he’s sitting in the corner of the shop with steaming coffee and a book at hand when he sees her. He lifts his grey-blue eyes. He can’t help it. It happens without his permission. His lips part and he inhales sharply. He watches her walk over to the counter to order a drink. He knows he has to look away but he can’t seem to rip his eyes from her. Perhaps it’s her red hair or her brown eyes, either way she’s captivated his attention. Everything else is grey and she’s the colour.

It’s when she turns around. He immediately looks away. He feels like a child. A blush covers his cheeks. After a few moments he feels safe enough to look up, he lifts his eyes again. She’s gone. Sighing, he curses himself for being so childish and stupid. He must’ve looked like some weird pervert. He shakes his head and looks back down at his book, angry at himself. His eyes flick upwards for a second when he notices movement outside the window, a flash of red hair, a splash of bright clothes. He looks back down, then double takes and looks back up. He sees her again. She’s standing outside, getting into a car. She looks up towards the coffee shop. Her eyes meet his.

This time he doesn’t look away.

She smiles.

He smiles back.

He doesn’t know it then but he’d just seen his future wife.


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