I’ll See You Soon.

Week 20 of 52 – a story in 2nd person. 

You smile when you see the rain. You sigh when it’s windy and complain when it’s too hot. You like wrapping up in blankets and thick scarves. You don’t deserve this. You don’t need this.

You should have so much more. So much more than a beautifully carved and carefully selected tomb stone, it’s not fair. You had so much left to do, so much to see. You were too pure for this world.

You’ll be missed. You’re loved. You’re cherished.

You liked reading. You liked watching TV and singing songs. You liked writing; you would read poems by candle light at bookshop readings. You didn’t like confrontation but defended anyone around you.

You had eyes the colour of the ocean and skin the tone of a russet sunset. You had dark hair and dimples in your cheeks. You always wore glasses too big for your face and liked to wear bow ties.

You always wore boots and rolled up your jeans. You had the brightest coloured socks and almost always had a different tint to your dark locks.

Your laugh was the brightest, smile was the largest and touch was the softest.

You are everything and nothing now. You are the whispers in the breeze, the sparkle of the sun and the touch of the rain.

You are a memory, a story. You are a kiss under the moonlight, a laugh in the darkness. You are everything bright and nothing dark, you wait for us in the light.

I’ll see you soon.


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