The Travellers.

A/N: Week 21. A story set on another planet.

They are strange creatures.

They can see far and wide, into other galaxies. They have knowledge beyond human comprehension and yet, they take joy in watching the small things. They can see us, they find our love and light calming, they find our tears strange and feelings odd, but they do not mean us harm. They watch us. Not to hurt us. Not to kill us.

They are silent guardians.

Forever present and far older than we can imagine, they have seen the creation of new worlds and the fall of old ones. They have seen great stars shine and suns burn out. They have felt pain unimaginable to our minds, and when they smile, it is done so with a broken heart.

They are like us and not like us at the same time.

In many ways they are us. We are the same in appearance. We may have different worlds, different ways of speaking, of understanding, but we are the same. They smile just as we do. They laugh just as we do. They kill just as we do.

The only difference is that they are lost, without a home. And they come here to find one.

Only to see that humanity is just as doomed as they are.

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