You Are Beautiful.

They say, ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, so why then are we taught by various kinds of social mediums what is beautiful and what is not? Isn’t the ginger girl in your class, who is bullied and is told she is from Hell, because she has reddish hair, isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t the black girl who sits at the back and always gives you a smile, even if she’s having a bad day, beautiful? What about the Asian girl who believes that no one will love her, because media tells her that being blonde, light eyed and thin is attractive? What about the young man who is deemed plain because he does not have light eyes, or luscious styled hair, or rock hard abs? He’s tall, thin and wears glasses, has brown eyes and curly black hair, a button nose but because he has scars on his cheeks and forehead due to suffering quite badly with acne as a teenager, he’s deemed ugly.

Beauty is not a man with a chiselled body or a woman with a ‘thigh gap’, you want to know what beauty is? It’s that smile you see, it warms your soul, it’s that laugh you hear on a dark night, it’s the light touch of a friendly kiss against your skin. It’s the stories they tell you to help you sleep, it’s the songs they sing in the morning and the hugs they give you at night. Beauty is the poetry she can recite, the words she writes, the books she remembers. It is the instruments he can play and logic he retains, it is the wit and intellect she holds. Beauty is not only physical, it is actions, voices and thoughts. It is in the inner workings of the mind, the soul. It is not gender stereotypes or constraints. It is not wearing frilly dresses or tight suits for work. Beauty is anything you want it to be. Not what society tells you.


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