Generation of Magic.

We used to run, play hide and seek in our gardens,
Pretending to be witches and regal knights,
We loved the thrill of it, the magic, the wonder,
The escape, that’s what we wished for.

We would pretend to dive under water,
We swam like mermaids and sang like fairies,
We fought dragons and mighty creatures,
The camaraderie, that’s what we hoped for.

We created stories, wrote magical spells and delved into underworlds,
We were the generation that discovered the stone and the chamber,
We freed the prisoner and witnessed the trails,
We fought the order and watched loved ones die,
We saw the fall of the dark lord and a new dawn rise,
The home, that’s what we searched for.

We found it there,
In those hallowed halls,
In those quiet moments by the crackling fire or at breakfast with our friends,
The love, that’s what we found.

We are the generation that fell into a wintry cupboard with a majestic lion,
We travelled to a land that had elves and hobbits,
We soared through the skies with the eagles,
The adventure, that’s what we experienced.

We found joy in the written word,
We let our imaginations roam and our thoughts prosper,
We never let go of our inner child,
The giddiness, that’s what we’ll always have.

We are the generation that longed for escape,
We may have found it and now are faced with acceptance, with growing up,
And while we may pretend to be like the rest,
We know we’ll always have that child within us.

The one that drew scars on their forehead and pranced around,
Pretending to be the cleverest witch of their age,
Pretending to be a Weasley,
Pretending to be the boy with green eyes and that mop of messy hair.

We are a generation of misfits and believers, creators and writers,
If anything, we are a generation of magic.


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