I Am Other. 

I am the outcast,

I am the person judged because of my appearance,

I am held back from opportunities,

I am neglected and abused.

Who am I?

I am the women, who were force fed,

When they tried to stand up for their rights,

I am the women tortured and kept in institutions because men thought we were insane,

I am the women who were abused, victimized and killed because of our gender.

I am the women raped and ignored,

I am the women let down by the justice system,

I am the women followed, catcalled and bullied,

I am the women paid less.

I am the Jewish people victimized, raped, abused, tortured and killed,

I am the ones trapped in concentration camps,

I am the children killed in gas chambers,

I am the soldiers that died on the front lines fighting for freedom.

I am the blood split on the green lands,

I am the poor souls taught to fight and battle,

Only to die for a corrupt justice system and tyrannical government,

I am the broken, the lost and shunned people.

I am the black man lynched because of his skin colour,

I am the children forced to slave away in chimneys for money,

I am the children born into slavery,

I am the women lost and alone, after their children and husbands had been stripped away, taken by the slave traders.

I am the frail, the ill and sick,

I am the disabled, sneered upon because of my disabilities,

I am the girl in a wheelchair,

And the soldier with no legs.

I am the Indian child forced into slavery due to the caste system,

I am the Indian woman raped and murdered,

I am the man with dark skin,

Forced to beg for food, and money, because of his skin colour.

I am the man who loves another man,

A woman who married a woman, 

A young mind willing to explore, 

I am open and free, but shunned and killed by you.

I am the Native Americans stripped of their homes and culture,

Pushed into other lands,

By upper class, white men,

I am the other.

Who am I?

I am those you have deemed unworthy of equality.


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