The Conjuring 2: A Film Review.

Apparently, I like torturing myself with horror films.

I saw The Conjuring 2 yesterday with a friend of mine. Have you ever felt like you’re about to make the biggest mistake of your life? Yeah, that’s how I felt, I was terrified and just wanted to go watch Alice again. But we didn’t. Nope, we decided to spend our Friday afternoon in fear of demons and evil spirits.

I’ve noticed that films that involve demons, spirits, possession and things that are meant to frighten the living daylights out of you; don’t always do so well, critically. But these films (the first one too), seem to have done quite well. Personally, I think that’s because there’s a certain quality to the films, not only do they scare you, but they have relationships (family and married couples), there’s a religious background, they use the holy cross to ward off evil spirits and perhaps make people ponder on whether or not these things are real. And there’s no gore.

I’ve found that in horror films there always seems to be a lot of blood. A lot of fake blood and over the top, awful deaths, but it isn’t that that frightens me. It is stories that play on your mind, the ones that make you worry about things – did I lock the front door? – what about the windows? – is there someone behind me? – when you feel that cold shiver run down your spine, after you’ve had a bath or shower and are too afraid to look in the mirror.

This film opens up with Ed and Lorraine Warren talking about a past case they were involved in, where a man murdered his entire family, claiming to have been possessed by a demon. It was their worst case and the closest, Lorraine said, they’d come to hell. After, they’re contacted to help Janet, a young girl who is being used by a spirit, known as Bill Wilkins, who in turn is being used by an awful, horrific demon.

Based off the Enfield Haunting, this film leaves the audience with a racing heart and chills all over their bodies. It plays on a child’s fear of the dark, of the monster under the bed. With the use of other guises the demon haunts this poor family, until the Warren’s are able to help them. In the end, when all is resolved, what is even more worrying is that Janet’s mother, Peggy, died in the same chair, in that house, that the spirit Bill had.

Why someone would continue living in a house like that, I have no idea.

10 thoughts on “The Conjuring 2: A Film Review.

      1. It is a scary thing to study, but since I also write fantasy books, it helps me put things into perspective. When dealing with the paranormal, it’s like being in a story, but this time it’s real.

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