Some scars do not fade,

Some stay hidden, but right on the surface of your skin,

Ready to be cut open,

To hurt and break, to unleash the horrors they hold.


You have scars, so do I,

Both are emotional and physical,

You said you could accept mine, that they didn’t change how you felt,

But I guess loving me wasn’t enough.

You have eyes the colour of the sky,

Cheeks as soft as silk and lips as red as a rose,

Your smile brings a tiny bit of sun to a dreary day,

But you are scarred too. Aren’t you?

I can see past the scars,

I see you and I love you,

I suppose all you see are my scars,

I have been cut open, exposed and you cannot bear to be near me.

We all have a past; a darkness,

I have faced and accepted mine,

Have you?


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