Is It Too Late To Say Sorry Now?

“Fuck you!” she screamed, livid as she stared at the man across from her. Balling her hands into fists, she glared at him; she was trembling with rage and could just about imagine herself biting his head off.

“Louisa,” he sighed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think – it didn’t mean anything, I swear.”

“You didn’t think?” she growled, “you’re damn right you didn’t fucking think! It meant nothing to you? What did I mean to you then? You’ve used her, just like you pretended to love me all these months!”

“No, no,” he implored, “it’s not like that. She was just…a distraction. Something I did in the heat of the –

“If you finish that sentence with ‘moment’, so help me God, I will kill you Theo!” the angry, twenty-four year old woman yelled, her brown curly hair swaying around her shoulders as she shook with anger.

“Lou –

“Don’t call me that,” she grunted, rolling her hazel eyes, “don’t think you can just ‘Lou’ me and everything will be all right. You’re not getting away with this!”

“I know, I know,” Theo replied, running a hand through his dirty blond hair, staring back at her with pleading blue eyes and a rosy blush on his cheeks.

“I think you need to get out,” she said bitterly, “get out. I’ll send you your things; drop them off at your parents. You can get them from there. But I want you out,now.”

“Lou, please –

“NO!” she retorted red in the face and beginning to cry, “I said get the fuck out!”

Theo tried to step closer, but Louisa held out her hands and growled, “don’t make me do this, get out. While you still can Theo, go. Go back to her, it’s what you want. I know it is. I found the letters, the texts, and the emails and call logs. How stupid do you think I am? I’m detective for crying out loud.”

Theo fell silent. He knew he was fighting a lost battle. Louisa had all the evidence, she’d been collecting them for months, she was most probably the most intuitive and intellectual person he knew, there was no point lying to her. He shouldn’t have even done what he’d done. He loved Louisa, more than anything. But he’d messed up in a huge way, an unforgiveable way. He had to bear that shame and do as she said.

There was no fixing this.

Louisa wished it hadn’t happened, she wished he hadn’t slept and fallen in love with another woman while dating her. She wished he looked at her like the light in her eyes was enough and plenty. She wished he’d been sweet enough to break it off with her, instead of betraying her trust and stealing her heart.

Her mother was right. Love just isn’t worth it, if it’s with the wrong person.


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