Under The Sea.

A/N: Week 31 – a story at sea.

The sea is a wonderful, almost magical realm of mythic creatures, far older than we can imagine. Humans often forget the importance of the natural world and all that is possesses, the riches and jewels found buried at sea, under the golden sand and beneath the high, warm sun. The ocean holds a deep history, to waves of treasure and power, secrets told in the wind and tales whispered at sunset. The night falls and embraces stories that float amongst the waves, in shells that lie quietly at the bottom of the ocean, waiting to be found.

I swim beneath the twinkling waves, a deep blue that holds me close and protects me from harm. Sometimes, I break the surface, just to see the sun, to feel the breeze on my cheeks and through my dark brown hair, the sunlight kisses my cheeks and smiles down at me. It’s my home, the sea; the waters that hug my frame, my tail and all. I am a myth to humans; a mere fairytale told to children, people have looked for me and my kind, have searched far and wide for the swish of the mermaid’s tale and the music of the songs we sing. None have been successful.

For we are hunted and found strange, but beautiful, like creatures who are wild and fearsome, we would become show animals, caged and held captive – that is why we do not reveal ourselves to the adults. We do, however, to the younger humans, for they understand secrets and stories, they allow their imagination to guide them and their innocence to rule their hearts.

They do not tell on those who do not wish it and keep the underdog safe, we are hidden in their minds and souls, they may speak of us, but humans are ignorant to a child’s knowledge and brush them off as silly tales or dreams. But we are real, to them, until they grow up and forget about us and their hazy days under the sun, until society makes them the very thing they’d feared as a child, an adult.

It is a sad thing that humans are so bound by their cycles and laws, that one cannot believe in something magical because it disagrees with another text. Maybe one day, the true secrets of this Earth shall be revealed. But for now, we stay hidden; watching for the time where we shall be able to save what is left of humanity.

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