Finding Dory: A Film Review.

A/N: Slight spoilers ahead! Also, isn’t she adorable?

Originally posted by dispatchedadvantage

Growing up as a child, I think we all have films that stay with us, stories that we carry in our hearts, wishing for sequels, for the possibility to return to that tale once more. Finding Dory, a film that is the squeal to Finding Nemo, recently came out in theatres and I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. I loved the first film, it’s one of my childhood favourites and when hearing that there’d be a second one, I was a little worried that the whole story would be ruined or drawn out.

I was so very wrong.

I absolutely adored the film, it was hilarious (I mean, it’s Ellen, she’s always making me laugh), emotional and really pulled on my heartstrings. The importance of family and friendship ran deep, the fact that old friends can always find one another again and the possibility of finding what was lost was very much the focal point of the film. Dory misses her family and due to her memory loss, cannot remember them properly, but as the film goes on, she begins to regain flashes of her past.

Her journey takes her all over and along the way she meets her old friends, namely Destiny the whale and Bailey, the beluga whale, who help her find her parents and where they’d originally come from. Then there’s Hank, the octopus, a hilarious character who, at first, is cut off and distant, but slowly opens up to Dory and the two become fast friends. In a story that makes you root for Dory, makes you cry when she does and laugh at her friends antics, this film is for everyone with an inner child, waiting to burst free.

This film is definitely for all of the children who grew up with Nemo and his father. Dory’s tale made me so emotional, that straight after I called my mother just to see if she was all right. And this is a film about a sea life – well, perhaps it’s a little more than that, don’t you think?


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