A Curse? Not So Much.

A/N: Week 32 of the 52 short stories prompt challenge. Also, this may or may not be based off real life experience. 

There are some lives we are just meant to touch. And some that just happen by chance, by circumstance or choice. The man on the train, the woman at the office, the kind policeman or a retired soldier, whose eyes are dark and light at the same time, but her smile is soft and gentle, you might see them from afar or meet them by accident, but sometimes they’re meant to happen, as if by fate. She met him by chance.

In all honesty, she wasn’t looking forward to another day out in the central city; she was tired and annoyed, perhaps at herself for not sleeping early enough and partly at her family for forcing her to leave the comfort of her bed. Either way, there she was, standing in a Starbucks (as cliché as that sounds), waiting to order her food and there he is. A nice man with a kind smile and dark hair, full, light eyes and a few tattoos.

And she really didn’t want to be served by him.

You see, the thing is, she’s cursed. Or rather, she thinks she is. She’s just really bad at the whole ‘meeting new people’ thing, even when it’s a formal outing, she’s terrible at it in whatever form. But he didn’t seem to notice that, he smiled at her and she forgot her words. Again, so freaking typical, but not in‘oh my goodness, I’m too shy’, it was more like, ‘shit, I forgot what I want to eat’kind of look. What’s worse, she stared at him like a gaping fish while her mother ordered for her. And to make things even more incredibly awkward, they were sitting right in view of him.

And he kept looking at her.

But then suddenly, her food wasn’t triggering her appetite anymore.

The thing about meeting someone attractive outside of your circles is that it never (hardly) goes somewhere. Meet cutes, you know, the stories that people write about hardly ever happen and for her, they never do.

People should call them meet cutes with a disappointing ending. But on the bright side, leaving the Starbucks with a chocolate in one hand and a drink in the other fulfilled her happiness for the afternoon, far more than he had. So there’s that.


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