End of Humanity.

Week 33: A story set 100 years in the future.

Looking back over humanity’s history up until this point, she can see why they were in their current predicament. Humans seem to have a strange and twisted need to revolt and harm. They love and care, they protect and fight for what is theirs but sometimes, that love is blinded by lust and greed and power and before long hopes is blown up in flames, screams and blood.

That’s why she’s not surprised as she watches the human race destroy itself. She watches the trees scream in the winds, the green leaves that coat the floor, tattered and burnt, wet with blood. She watches the winds howl and the birds flee, she watches the animals leave, die and weep for their lost land, she watches the humans fight to the bone, children killed, men and women ripping into each other with harsh words, battles and bombs.

She witnesses the fall of civilization itself and feels remorse. She feels pity and betrayal. She feels sick, odd and strange. Humans may have been sinful and imperfect, but they were always more than that. They were weak, cheaters; they stole from others and lied to their families. They destroy and disappoint, but for all the darkness, for all the evil things they’ve committed, their creations, their feelings and smiles, their dances and love, it’s so much more. Their hope and kindness is more powerful than any greed or sin ever was, because it was true and real.

It was pure.

And it had only just occurred to her that we never give up.

And in the end, she’d rather throw herself into the fire and battles, she’d rather die with humanity, fighting until the end, rather than watching them all burn – she could not turn her back on her own kind.

Humans were nowhere near perfect but she’d be lying if she said she wouldn’t mind living in a world without them.

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