Ghostbusters: A Film Review.

For some reason, this film was hated from the start. Why? People might say it is because of the trailers that didn’t really show much or didn’t seem as entertaining as it could be. But really, when we get down to it, it was because they were four women.

And because of that, the film was judged right off the bat. If it were four men, would the same thing have happened? No, I don’t think so. People may not admit it, blame it on something else, on the writing, on the direction of the film, whatever they use, whichever excuse they come up with, the fact of the matter is, they came up with these assumptions before having even seen the film.

Now, having actually seen the film, I can say, realistically, the film did have certain things that I didn’t like. But I am saying this as someone who has actually seen the film, someone who can make an informed decision, not just based off the fact that there were four women being the Ghostbusters and not four men. And none of the reasons I have for disliking bits of the film, have to do with the fact that it is women playing these roles.

My issues with the film were just that some of the jokes weren’t that funny and they played a little too much on stereotypes – for one thing having the only black woman (of the team) be loud and eccentric. When have we seen that before? Pretty much all the time. It would be fine, if black people, when shown in films, were given the diversity of roles that white people are given, if there was a spectrum of characters a person of colour could play. But that is not the case.

How many times have we seen the nerdy Asian technician?

How many times does the Asian character have an accent that is deemed funny by western society?

How often are black people in films seen as criminals?

How often are they featured as comic relief, loud characters, or just there to take on sillier, less important roles?

A lot of the time is the correct answer.

However, what I did like about the film was that the only character there that was seen as ‘eye candy’, purely there for their silliness and good looks, was the male receptionist.

How many times have we seen the stereotypically dimwitted receptionist, who is pretty, but also an airhead compared to the people she’s surrounded by? All the time.

But how many times has this person been a male?

Exactly, you can’t really answer it. This film took away some standard film tropes – there were no real love interests, the male was the character just there for looking pretty, and instead of the women in the film having to rely or be swayed by male characters, they led the action and were a team themselves.

Also, can we just appreciate the awesomeness that is Holtzmann?  I absolutely loved her. I came away from the film, loving her more than anyone.


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