A Monstrous Place.

Week 35: A story that features a real recent newspaper article – I didn’t have the article but this is based off something that happened near my house. 

It happened near a primary school.

One summer afternoon when the sun was high above and the breeze drifted through the green trees of the nearby park, an ordinary day, one that seemed utterly normal, an ordinary day at an ordinary park.

Until the gun shot sounded loud and clear once, twice and the screams followed.

Yong children crying, racing to hide behind their parents, a moment of complete innocence ruined by the sound of a deadly weapon, the swings left moving in the breeze; a frenzy of people rushing to escape the place that for children, was one of adventure and play, one of imaginary friends, plastic slides and merry go rounds, torn apart as the blood of a child splattered the green grass.

A mess of colour, a blur of people and the terrible sound of screams were heard far and wide, a young man was put in hospital and the young child with severe facial injuries.

It left the surrounding neighborhood in pieces, scared of strangers and loud noises. People have not touched the park; afraid the shooter will come again and attack, this time killing someone instead.

The world is such a cruel place but when a child is hurt, it becomes a monstrous place.

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