The Danish Girl: A Film Review.

The Danish Girl is just one of those films that broke my heart and gave me hope at the same time. It was an emotional and heartwarming tale of love, acceptance and truth. For the people who haven’t seen this film yet, please do. It is filmed beautifully, a mixture of bright colours, art and human emotion, it keeps the viewer hooked through laughter, joy, smiles and tears.

Seeing a film which both expresses society’s inability to accept anything other than what they’ve accepted as normal and people’s desperation to change that, it is telling of the world we live in.  Though views on many things have changed, progressed and adapted for the better, it is not perfect – we do not live in a society without judgment or cruelty.

Eddie Redmayne played the title role wonderfully. His costar, Alicia Vikander, plays his wife and while their marriage is strained during the middle of the film, she stays by Einar, her husband and his decision to finally become Lili. From birth, Einar had always felt as though he was different and pushing one’s identity away is never a solution – he was a woman trapped in a man’s body.

Lili soon comes to life, fully and openly, able to finally feel free in her skin, Lili explores her new body and identity, one that she had always known but could not express. The only problem is her transition does not run on smoothly and sadly she passes away at the end of the film, with Gerda at her side, like she was always. In the end, Lili leaves this world knowing that she is accepted by her loved ones and just for a moment got to taste what freedom feels like.

I hope that for people in Lili’s situation or similar, never have that freedom taken away.

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