The Purge: Election Year: A Film Review.

I watched The Purge 3 yesterday. As horror films go, I will admit some parts made me jump or close my eyes, slowly melting into the back of my seat and against my friend’s shoulder. However, while it’s not exactly the scariest film out there or the most thrilling, I did enjoy it.

There were a few loose ends that weren’t really cleared up but what I noticed a lot about the film is that it was very much focused on politics – the democratic woman and the republican tyrant, which is quite telling, I think – perhaps not to the extent of killing innocent people on an annual basis – of the situation in America. And let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump decided to make something like a purge, so that he could get rid of anyone who didn’t agree with his sexist, homophobic, racist and cruel views. The fact that he’s gotten this far is absolutely insane, he has supporters from the KKK, from Nigel Farage, a man known to be deeply racist, and yet there are people voting for idiots like Trump and Farage.

It makes me wonder, does anyone remember what happened the last time a tyrant was in power? Have people really forgotten what millions of people fought for and died for – their freedom? The struggle of the human race has been an ongoing battle, everything from slavery to Nazi Germany, to the issues we have today – how can people turn a blind eye and say that voting for Trump is the answer. What happened last time an idiot was put in charge? What happened last time people were brainwashed by propaganda into believing horrible ideals?

Oh, right. There was a world war.

This may be a film that I’d gone to see, which is fictional, but I couldn’t help and notice what was being said between the lines. That voting for a pig headed, nonsense talking idiot is not how to make ‘America great again’, or whatever crap Trump has people believing in. As extreme as this film goes, it did point out what fascists would do to keep hold of power – Trump wants to build a wall around Mexico, he clearly does not stand for the rights of all people and getting rid of the rest of us, is probably something he’s not opposed to.

Also, I love Frank Grillo.


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