The Silent Watcher.

Week 36: A story written from an animal’s perspective.

Sometimes, I watch her sleep at night. Her chest rises and falls, with her face obscured by her frizzy hair. I think she’s a big cat, probably. But she doesn’t have paws. It’s no matter. I’ve accepted her and her family into my feline pack. They are my family.

I shall guard them and stay by them.

They are odd creatures, these humans. They’re shaped in a strange way and don’t appear to have tails. They eat different food and speak in different tongues. They are beautiful in a way that I cannot describe. They think I do not understand them, but I do. When they cry, I worry and try to comfort them in the best way I can. When they want to play with the furry ball, I do. When they need feeding, I bring them food but they refuse it and sometimes, she cries.

That worries me more.

I try to tell her its okay, but she just picks me up and hugs me, crying more. I do not understand why she is upset over receiving food. I try to clean them too, but these humans move away, they do not wash the way we cats do. They go into the room with the weird white tiles and big white tub. They do not have fur, and if they do, it changes colour a lot.

They also have a different smell, like soap. I don’t really know what soap is. I hear her mother talking about not using too much. But if it cleans them, then why is it bad to use too much?

I protect them. They are mine to protect. I watch for monsters and mice in the dark. I am the silent watcher. They’ll never see me coming.

But I’m here. I always will be.


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