We Are Not Alone.

Week 37. A story about a scientific discovery.

For years, scientists had wondered if there was life on other planets.

It would be very arrogant to think that humans, on planet Earth, were the only beings in the entire universe. How could there only be one form of life, on one planet, in one solar system? It’s just like humans thinking the sun orbited around Earth, like they were the centre of the universe. Of course, this theory was debunked; in fact we orbit the sun. Humans are constantly thinking they are the centre of all things, when in fact; they are a very small part of the larger picture.

We are tiny.

And then, we found them.

Humans on other planets, what would they be called? What would we call them? Aliens? I suppose only because they are foreign. But they are real, alive and living. They may look a little different due to environmental influences, maybe they have strange eye colours or different facial shapes, but they looklike us. Perhaps, their languages developed differently, maybe they are more advanced than us, or maybe they’re exactly the same as us?

Aliens can come in any shape or form, perhaps they’re single celled organisms, bacteria? They’re surely not little green men with egg heads. But perhaps they’re bigger than us, taller or have more hair than us? Whatever the case, they’re real. Light years away, probably living their daily lives, doing whatever it is that they do, wondering if we are real.

If science teaches us anything, it’s to stop thinking humans are the centre of everything. We’re really not that important or at least, no more important than any other species.

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