A Moment of Change.

A/N: Just a piece of poetry I wrote years ago. Also shared on my Tumblr, sorry for self promoting but do check it out if you can! 

Well, it’s raining, 

It’s quite fitting, don’t you think?
It’s comforting, the rain,
Masks all the pain, yet it also feels like it’s over, the rain is like a sign,
A closing curtain if you wish, the final time, to tell us, it really is over.  

We know it’s the end, there’s no changing that,
And yet we try to forget, to hold on, to pretend it’s all going to be okay.
Nothing can stop it though; its happening and we just have to let it go.
But we don’t say our goodbyes, its better that way,
We don’t break and we don’t cry,
It’s just a moment of change.

Maybe we’ll meet again someday, maybe we won’t,
But it’s okay. Of course, it hurts, it fucking kills me, but it’s okay.
It’s alright, we’re alright, we need this. It was meant to happen.
There’s a time for everything, right? Well, it’s time for this.
It’s time to let go.

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