Pure Beauty.

The view is breath taking,
I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.
A vast, clear blue sky stretches overhead,
A bright sun burns insistently,
Birds soaring far and high,
Everything is happening fast, blurry and yet, there’s something about that that makes it feel right.

A hush falls over us,
Silence, no words are needed to describe this feeling, we already know.
So many trees, I’ve never seen so many,
Mountains, higher and higher,
The path travels upwards, spiralling up higher into the mountains,
It’s amazing; I can see everything, the little towns, and the small sparkling lakes.

We’re into the mountains now; the roads aren’t rocky as expected,
Delphi is beautiful, the town is so small and serene, and it’s like being in a dream.
The part we stay in is so quiet, that I could hear my friends taking even though I’ve on the next street, I love it here.
Apollo’s temple and theatre is my favourite part, seeing the ruins just prove that the ancient civilisation was real and they actually did pray to the Greek Gods.

I miss it.
I miss all of it but it’s a memory that I’ll treasure forever.


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