A Kind of Paradise.

Week 38: A story set on another planet.

The landscape was utterly breath taking, unlike anything she’d seen on Earth.

It reminded her of something out of The Chronicles of Narnia, or Lord of the Rings. Trees grew for miles, decorated with flowers of strange colours and vines, the sun, not her sun, but a sun, peaked over the tree tops, sending down something close to golden rays of sunlight.

There was a different smell in the air, like old wood and cut leaves, the birds were larger here and swooped close down to the people on this planet, never hurting them though. It was like there was a mutual understanding with the animals and people, they respected one another and coexisted, another thing she noticed is that they did not eat animals, nor did they use their animal friends for clothing.

Mountains rocketed towards the sky, a bright purple, blue canvas that stretched beyond the reach of the naked eye, some of the people lived like elves in the forests, their homes very similar to that of Tolkien’s Rivendell. They dressed in a similar manor to that of humans on her Earth, except they were more eccentric, a lot of them preferred what she would know as ‘period clothing’.

They weren’t dangerous. They were peaceful, they lived in a world vastly different from hers but also quite similar. They had technology, but relied a lot more on traditions, books and the past to guide them towards change, progress and experiment. They held no prejudice against anyone different from themselves, it was like what Earth would be like, if humans weren’t so volatile. Perhaps that was because they didn’t have a religion, believing in evolution. There were no wars and crimes based on religion, instead they were governed and taught what was right and what was wrong in schooling, by books.

“It is different, on your planet?” he asked her, the one that found her, lost and alone, after she’d crashed landed, “do you miss it?”

She looked up at him, they were sitting outside his house, staring up at the towns floating in the sky (however the hell that worked, she thought), he was kind and gentle in a way she couldn’t place. A little too calm. Maybe she just wasn’t used to it. But he had soft hazel eyes and an easy smile, a slightly odd mix of brown and reddish auburn hair, but nevertheless, there was something effortless about him. Like you couldn’t help but feel comfortable, safe and sure around him.

“I do,” she replied, her heart ached for the chatter and loud laughter of London, she missed her friend’s smiles, her mother’s hugs, her father’s advice, but it was long gone.

Only a couple of thousand escaped the mass destruction of the Earth, and those who survived in orbit soon lost contact with the others. Her best friend was one of them, lost in another world probably. The last she’d heard from him, he was witnessing what appeared to be a three moon rise on the shores of some beach in a paradise, well that’s what he’d called it.

She would probably never hear from him again.

“But maybe it’s better this way,” she said softly, tears welling up in her eyes, “if I had someone with me…we would reminisce too much, sometimes the things we lose are meant to stay that way.”

He was silent for a moment and then reached over and patted her hand, “we’ll be your people now. I promise.”

She smiled for the first time since landing there, tears spilling down her cheeks, “thank you.”

He hugged her and for a brief moment she felt as though she was at home.

Maybe, one day that feeling would never leave.

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