It doesn’t matter where she goes or what she does.

Her childhood always follows her, not the tears and arguments, but the books and stories. It’s what made her who she is today. She’s been a witch and travelled to Hogwarts, she grew up with Lucy in a place called Narnia, she followed Bilbo and Frodo on their adventures, she stumbled across a rabbit hole with Alice and the yellow brick road with Dorothy. Her imagination stems from these tales, from the Knights of the Round Table, to The Secret Garden and places full of wonder and magic, and onto darker, scarier worlds where all that frightens her comes to life.

It doesn’t matter if she’s six or thirty, her childhood friends, the ones she found in pages are still there for her. They stand by her and give her the push she needs. If Harry Potter can battle the Dark Lord while studying, then she can overcome whatever fight she’s dealing with, if Hermione Granger can prove herself to be more capable than those around her, then whatever anxiety she may be feeling, she’ll use whatever it is Hermione has to spur her on. At the back of her mind, those stories are there and always will be.

After all, the stories we love best do live in us forever, don’t they?


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