Hidden In Plain Sight.

She sees witches at night, speaks to fairies in her dreams and watches the sky bloom in the darkness. They think she’s mentally unwell, that’s why they took her to an asylum, the men in white coats. How can they judge her? They’ve hardly listened to her. They laugh behind her back when she talks about someone called The Mad Hatter, jeering and cackling, saying she was stuck in Wonderland.

At first, they thought she was on drugs, but when they did a blood test, they found that she’d never taken any such thing. She didn’t drink and wasn’t one to smoke. It appeared then, that something was wrong with her mind. But who are they to judge? One of them dreams about one of his patients, another’s wife believes she is a princess and a doctor last year was locked away in prison for breaching code of conduct.

Just because her stories include magic, spells and strange songs, ones that a child could recite for days, she says that she can see elves and the white rabbit, that the tales she loved as a child are real. But who’s to say she is delusional? Maybe, perhaps not exactly like it is written, there is some kind of magic out there. People are so willing to believe in God, a higher power, who created the world, with what exactly? Surely, that is a kind of magic that people are able to accept.

So, who knows? Maybe her vampires and witches do exist, maybe it is us who are blinded, who are living in a fake reality. Perhaps, whatever we do fear and wish were real, are in fact alive and hidden in plain sight.

The sad thing is, we lost the right to see such wonders when we began doubting one another.


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