Say You Won’t Let Go [A Poem].

Don’t leave me,

I won’t, not ever,

I love you,

I love you too, my darling.

I miss you,

I know, sweetheart,

When will you be home?

Soon, I promise.

You’re my everything,

I can’t live without you,

Never leave me,

I’m right here baby.

I’ve always loved the way you laugh,

You’re so adorable,

You hold my heart,

You are my heart.

I’m going to love you forevermore,

I’ll never let you go,

It’s you and me,

Till we’re grey and old.

I’ve loved you since we were kids,

I never told you,

I was scared of losing you,

Just say you won’t let go.

I’m with you,

‘Till the very end, sweetheart.


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