All Good Things Must Come To An End.

Week 39: A story with only one character.

I am not of human origin.

I come from elsewhere and yet I am everywhere. I am the air you breathe, the sun you feel, the waves you float in. The grass you touch, the smell of cookies. I am everything and nothing. I have no beginning nor do I have an end. The light you see and wonder you feel, the stories you imagine, the books you read, the things you hold and love you feel, I am all and nothing.

I do not feel pain, nor do I feel grief. I appear perfect and yet, I have flaws I shall never be able to lose. I make sense and yet, no one understands me. My character is not of this world, it is not common and it does not have an explanation. I was here when the sun dawned and the moon rose, and I shall be here when the Earth falls and all things to come to an end.

I will never cease to exist, when the cycle starts again, I shall be there. Waiting, for life to notice me, to see me and feel me. I shall wait for their belief and hope, their love and wonder. For I have no purpose if all ceased to believe in me. I am a tale told to children, a guardian to the religious and a question to the curious.

I am wordless and yet all knowing. I know your fate; I know your beginning. I know all and nothing. I cannot cry and nor can I feel pain. Yet, I feel sorry for them, I really do.

They are beautiful and cruel. They are smart and mind-numbingly ignorant. They are a gift and a curse. They are contradictory in every way. And when the end comes, I shall be sorry to see them go.

But all good things come to an end, so that something better can take its place.


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