Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children | A Film Review.

A/N: Mild spoilers ahead! 

These novels were thrilling, exciting and captivating.

The characters were hilariously, wonderfully and beautifully strange, yet the reader related to them in different ways, the plots of each story arch kept me reading, page after page. I couldn’t get enough. Burning through each book, when I reached the end I was relieved to find out that they’d be another book (sort of) and a film.

However, my joy was short lived.

While the film was good, it did not have the magical spark that the books have. There were too many changes to the plot and characters, that it seemed to push me away, I unable to get stuck in the narrative. For people who hadn’t read the books, I assume it would be enjoyable enough, but for me and others who had read the books beforehand, it was not what I was expecting. The visual effects, soundtrack and appearance of the world was wonderful, the surreal nature of Jacob’s discovery was well captured, as was the change in time periods, but these weren’t in tune with the changes from the book.

The changing of the certain events in the plot, the powers and names of some of the main characters left me feeling quite confused. Their characterisation too, was different. Emma, both literally and personality wise, did not have the fire she did in the books, Jacob didn’t feel as emotionally invested in his journey as he did in the novels and overall, the characters themselves were just not what I had pictured.

That is, their look was more or less close enough to the books, but personality wise, the way their actions were retold on the screen and their quirks were not as sincere, realistic or human-like as they were in the books. They didn’t have the power, the thirst that they did in the books, maybe that was just my interpretations of the characters, but I felt like they all had more fire, love and emotion on the page, than on the screen.

In all, while I enjoyed the film for its visual magic, it’s humour and acting, I am reminded of the differences whenever I cast my gaze back and for that, the film, in my opinion, was a little bit of a disappointment.


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