Even For A Little While.

Week 42: A tragedy that ends in romance.

Avan loved her.

She was his everything. The green sparkle of her eyes were all he saw when he saw bright, summer leaves, the tint of her olive skin and lush red lips were all he felt when reminded of her touch. He could hear her songs in his head, all the time. Just the way she sang, the way she spun around the kitchen like a fairy, her artistic dress sense and the way she painted beautiful pictures. He remembered her laugh, how passionate she was about equality and the things that made her angry. He knew her favourite books, what stories she liked to write, what music she liked to listen to.

And then she was taken from him.

It had been five years and he still saw her everywhere he went. In the shop windows of the stores he had to buy things for his mother, on the way to work in the eyes of a kindly woman. He can see her and yet, will never lay eyes on her again. It’s never the same. No one is. No one can take her place. His heart is with her, wherever that is. And he’d made his peace with that.


That is, until he got a letter addressed to him saying that they’d found her.

He never thought he’d find himself outside her parents’ house again. The last time, they’d just finished university and she was planning to continue in her father’s footsteps and join the military. Which she did and Avan was supportive, of course he was. He wrote to her and she did to him, they met up whenever she was on leave and spoke over the phone when she could. He wouldn’t leave, he couldn’t. He respected her choices and wanted to be with her, he loved her. He couldn’t go on without her.

Until he was forced to.

A year into her service, he was told that she had gone missing in a mission that had gone terribly wrong. He was devastated. To the point of suicide, until he pulled himself out of the darkness he was wrapped in.

“Hello, Avan,” her mother, Lilly, answered the door, smiling at him, “come in, she’s in…here.”

Following Lilly’s instructions, Avan walked into a house that he hadn’t stepped foot in a while, finding himself standing in front of her. She looked the same and yet totally different. But that didn’t matter to him. She was here, alive and whole. Well, as whole as she could be.

“Dawn?” A smile broke out on her face, after a moment of shock. Her green eyes lit up and dark hair bounced as she ran towards him, hugging him like she was about to leave again.

Two souls were joined once more, a love that cannot be broken, no matter what. Dawn was different, she’d seen horrible things, after her mission she’d been helping the refugees of a small town near her base, but when attackers came in, she had to hide all the people she could and stay away from watching eyes.

After that, she and the remaining survivors were on the run until the military found them again, five years later and they were saved. She was broken and torn, so lost. But he was here and that was all that mattered. She could finally breathe again. He didn’t make things suddenly better, but he reminded her of a simpler time and that shut the noise out, even if only for a little while.


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