Bridget Jones’ Baby: A Film Review.

Bridget Jones’ Baby had me in tears, laughing.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did, my mother is a huge fan of the films, so for her birthday we went to see it. It was a feel good, hilarious film that made no sense and yet that’s all it needed to make sense. Following the typical story format of a woman who has her life together – she has a lovely apartment, she has friends and money, a great job. And yet, she feels like something is missing, except that thing turns out to be a music festival where she lands herself pregnant.

It wasn’t exactly what she had planned.

Especially because she sleeps with Mark Darcy around the same time and doesn’t know who the father is. Normally, I’m not one for romantic comedies, usually the cliché endings and tell-tell storylines annoy me, especially if the leading characters are too stereotypical. But despite that, I loved this film. It was just so damn funny.

Bridget’s mother is a character, she’s eccentric and problematic in her conservative views, which she does try to change. Bridget’s father is the more rational between the two and often gives his daughter advice, things that actually help her, rather than her mother’s judgemental quips.

In all, the film may not have been one of the best films to date, but Bridget along with her best friend and friends at work, were able to lighten the mood for even the wariest of viewers.

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