Knocking On Heaven’s Door.

Week 44: A story that takes place the year you were born.

It was 1995, the moon was drifting high in its black sky as the stars shone down on the Earth.

A truly magical sight; the ghostly light, the snow littering the pavements and the whispers shared in the winds, hidden from knowing ears and wandering eyes. It didn’t matter to her then, that it was all coming to an end, that she would be forever replaced. That her memory, her thoughts and feelings would be lost treasures in the darkness.

It had been a good life.

She was ninety years old.

A twinkling soul, waiting to climb higher and higher, to reach the clouds and soar among the planets. She could almost taste it, the end. It was approaching faster and faster with every second she stood there, perched on the edge of life and death. Her story was coming to an end, she’d seen enough for a lifetime, she’d done enough for a century.

She had witnessed wars rise and fall, friends live and die, she’d seen havoc and ruin, new life and wonderful lights, she’d seen the Northern Lights and travelled to the snowy peaks of the frozen poles. Her eyes had touched the sandy beaches of the almost heavenly island of Mauritius, she had hiked upon mountains and stood at Apollo’s temple.

Her story spread through time and Earth, she’d been everywhere, ticked every box off her list. She’d fallen in love, married and fallen out of love, only to slip back into that old couple’s song and drown in those familiar arms once more, until his death. She’d watched the tree at the back of her garden, the one that the old swing, wither and die, she’d seen children grow up and spread their wings.

The world had changed from when she was a little girl. But that was okay. That was good. She’d seen enough change in her lifetime and it was time to go somewhere familiar, somewhere she had dreamed of for years. It was time to lay eyes upon those heavenly gates, time for her place in the world to fall through time and space.

It was time for someone else to take her place. Time for a baby to be born and carry on for her.

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