Ouija: The Origin of Evil: A Film Review.

Ouija: The Origin of Evil, the second instalment, but prequel to the critically slammed Ouija, was a surprising treat. Where the first one wasn’t received well, this one was. It was terrifying, the storyline itself was gruesome in a way that did not involve the stereotypical blood and gore. Instead, it played on unsuspecting jump scares, the distortion of an innocent girl and the disfigurement of her face.

What starts off as a film that involved a family of three, a mother and two daughters who perform pretend séances for families who have lost their loved ones, in the hopes of giving them closure. It is also the only way they can afford to live in the house they’re in, as the father had passed away. It all starts going downhill when they possess a Ouija board for their performances, thinking that it’ll add to the validity of their work.

It does, quite literally.

Doris, the youngest daughter, uses the board on her own – one of the three rules you should never break. The second is to never play in a graveyard and the third, is always say goodbye. Throughout the film, they discard each of these rules, believing that it’s untrue. However, when Doris starts acting strangely, believing that the spirit she has contacted is her father, things take a dark turn.

Doris is actually in contact with an evil spirit who possesses her, she begins to write in polish, her face twists in strange ways, the stories and lies she is able to tell are also out of character for the young girl. It is then that they realise (the mother, older sister and priest), that she has been taken hostage by a doctor who used to torture his victims in the war and when he came to America, he continued his experiments, burying the dead bodies in the basement walls.

They were playing in a graveyard.

In the climax of the film, Lina, the older sister, is able to free her mother but in order to do so, she has to kill her sister by sewing her mouth shut. In doing so, Sophie is possessed and kills her mother. She is then left in a house that has taken her family away, plus the priest and her would be boyfriend. A while later, she has been admitted to a psych ward but cannot remember what happened to her family, as their bodies were not found.

She makes a fake Ouija board out of her own blood in her room and tries to contact her sister.

And Sophie is forever trapped with the spirits of that house.


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