Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: A Film Review.


Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, has been a highly anticipated film for any Potter fan. And it is safe to say, that I at least, and those that I’ve spoken to, who have seen it, friends and critics alike, were not let down. As a Harry Potter bookworm, who grew up alongside The Golden Trio and felt that hollow feeling when the series came to a close, to be able to see the magical world on a screen again, was something that brought a lot of us to tears.

As usual J. K. Rowling’s wonderful writing and characters came to life beautifully on screen, full of colour and energy, we were swept up in their story and Newt’s battle to find all his creatures. Quirky and awkward, Newt embodies the very essence of a magical wizard from Hogwarts, he’s got this charm and emotional side that not many other male characters (in this time period especially) would care to show. Newt is not like that – clearly, he wears his heart on his sleeve and is affected emotionally by things around him. It is what makes him stronger – feeling and being free spirited, with that emotion guiding him to do the right thing.

On his journeys, he meets Tina and Queenie, two witches in America, the latter of the two who has psychic abilities and a muggle, or as Americans call them a no-maj, Jacob Kowalski, who aid him on his trip. He makes a strong friendship with Jacob, while Tina, who is a strong, powerful auror who was demoted due to revealing her magic to a muggle, while saving a young boy, is at first wary of him. Queenie, who reminded me a lot of Luna, was a wonderful treat and she too aided Newt in his battle, to find his missing creatures, as does Tina when she realises Newt is not out to hurt the American magical community. Jacob and Queenie form a friendship, stronger than anything platonic and through this, we learn how muggles in America and wizards or witches are not able to be friends or marry, which is strange to us and Newt, as the laws are very different in the U.K.

What begins as a fun, adventurous tale, with Newt running all over New York city, trying to catch his mischievous little friends, takes a dark turn, when strange, evil things start happening. A highly emotive and sensual film, it brings the audience to tears and laughter, in comedic dance scenes and scary, almost death by sentence scenes by the American wizard, Graves; it brings love and hatred to the front, exploring themes of acceptance and difference. A young, tortured soul who is shunned and hurt, begins causing havoc among the city and those that hurt him and an unseen, surprising twist happens at the climax of the film.

The final scenes brought a lot of us to tears, but what seemed like a bittersweet ending, gave us a little spark of love in the very final shot and it appears forgetting the magical world, is harder than we ever assumed. Or rather, love makes magic hard to forget for a certain muggle.

Just as the tale of Harry Potter is unforgettable to those who grew up alongside him.


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