Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa: A Book Review.

Note: Spoilers ahead!

The Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa was an interesting and hooking read.

Set in a world after the Earth has died, second born children are forbidden and there is a new order by which the remaining humans live – in Eden, the last preserved environment for humanity to thrive in. An engineered, safe place, supported by artificial intelligence to replicate living conditions, societies and nature to make the small settlement as close to what the Earth was like before it was ruined by climate change and the end of the world. Rowan, a second child, is plunged into a dark world that hunts her kind, a world that on the front appears to be perfect but things are never as they seem.

Together, with her mother, they try to smuggle her away from the life she has known, towards safety but their plan is ruined when guards, known as Greenshirts attack and kill Rowan’s mother. Left on her own, she has no choice but to run away from the only life, love and family she’s had. Lost in the outer rings of Eden where poverty and crime are high, she seeks refuge in the dirt and grime, hoping for the contact her mother had to come and help her.

It was an interesting take on the dystopian world, unlike The Hunger Games which has a brutal government or Divergent which sets out to control people in factions, this novel opened up with an almost utopian type society. That is, it is for anyone other than a second child. Rowan finds herself fighting for her life against all odds, she stumbles upon an underground world, the true Eden, for second born children. She becomes friends with a man named Lachlan, who takes her under his wing and shows her around her new home. Their feelings for one another begin to grow but things quickly fall through the roof, when Rowan’s brother is turned in to the officials, sentenced to death.

On a mission to save her brother, Ash, Rowan meets her friend, Lark, a girl who she initially had feelings for at the beginning of the novel after a night out, after learning she’d be leaving home for good. The three of them then help to save Ash and just when things seemed to be looking up, the worst happens. A huge plot twist awaits the reader, when usually in a story it is the end of the climax and a resolution of sorts is reached.

That is not the case in this story and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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