Week 49: A story about justice being done.

In her life, Lyra hadn’t seen much that gave her hope.

A lot of her friends had either died or been severely injured during their time overseas. The world was an evil place, cruel and disgusting people preyed on other human beings and hurt them for the thrill of it. But she had to believe there was some good in the world, otherwise what was she fighting for? What was she protecting? There had to be some form of hope, light and love in the place she called home, there just had to be.

A few months into her time at home, away from war and the sound of guns, screams and the sight of blood, she found herself standing in court as a part of the jury, watching as her friend, Chris, was freed from the hands of a corrupt justice system. Framed for killing his girlfriend, Chris had been made out to be a foul person by the media, a murderer. That his time in the force had warped his mind, turning him into a beast, forgetting that his job was to fight the monsters who aimed to tear down his home, his job was to fight the fight politicians were too afraid to face. But Chris wasn’t a beast.

He was lost and broken. He had come home to a society that didn’t accept him, despite forcing him out into the world to defend his country. When his girlfriend was killed, it appears the killer, Adam, an enemy of Chris’, thought this would be the perfect take down. He hated Chris, always had. And he’d poisoned Alice, Chris’ girlfriend, nothing more. He left no indication that he had been there, but had been until Lyra found traces of his DNA at the scene of the crime. Before, the police had thought it was Chris, his DNA was on the cup Lyra had drunk from, all over the sofa and the jacket she’d been wearing, Adam had even got a witness to say they’d seen Chris do it. But that was before Lyra came home and promised to set her friend free.

After Adam was taken away, Chris stood shocked. He was free. He was finally free.

Lyra managed to push past the crowd around him and stood a few steps from him. He looked at her with wide, tearful eyes and said in a small voice, “I’m free.”

And then he broke down in Lyra’s arms. Distraught that he’d been made out to be a monster, angry that Adam had framed him, broken because his girlfriend had been taken from him. His sobs, though muffled by Lyra’s shoulder, were heard throughout the court room and for once, the press left him alone and everyone filed out until it was just Lyra and Chris.

“Thank you, thank you,” Chris whispered, clutching onto his best friend so that his knees wouldn’t give out. Lyra wrapped her arms around him and hugged him close, giving him the warmth he hadn’t found in his own family.

Adam’s sentence, life imprisonment, wouldn’t bring Alice back. Nothing would. It wouldn’t take away the pain and anger Chris felt, the betrayal and sorrow of losing his girlfriend and the faith he had in his family, but it did change one thing. Adam would rot for the rest of his life in prison. Chris wasn’t the only one freed from this hell.

Alice was too.


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